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Aug 25

The latest on the Convent development

In conjunction with the site plan, Ashcroft has also submitted a rezoning request to allow them to build a permanent road through the Byron Linear Park. http://hamptoniona.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/soeur-de-la-visitation-convent-site/ First indication is that Counc. Hobbs will oppose the request: http://kevino.ca/content/ashcroft-re-zoning-road-through-byron-path-park?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=share On the same blog, Kevin O’Donnell makes what I find to be some very sensible points re. …

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Nov 11

Open House on Convent Saturday 12 to 5

From Hampton Iona: Ashcroft has just advised HICG that they will be holding an open house at the Soeur de la Visitation Convent building this Saturday.

Aug 25

Community Meeting To Discuss Convent Site Plan

From HICG: As we have previously advised the Community, the Site Plan approval process for the Soeurs de la Visitation Convent site is now underway with comments due from the public by September 5, 2011. Our councillor has confirmed that she is not planning to hold any public meetings in this regard but welcomes direct …

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Aug 17

Convent: Important Update

Of interest to anyone following the Convent issue: http://hamptoniona.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/important-update-90-114-richmond-road/

Jul 03

HICG account of the convent settlement

Hampton Iona has posted a detailed account of the convent settlement… http://hamptoniona.wordpress.com/convent/settlement-of-114-richmond-road-convent-omb-case/  

Jun 29

Ottawa Citizen: Ashcroft makes deal on Westboro convent project


Jun 02

WVCA response to "Outcry scuttles Byron Linear road"

Dear Ottawa This Week, The Board of the Wellington Village Community Association (WVCA) feels that the ‘Byron Linear Park versus the residents of Shannon Street’ reporting on the debate over vehicle access to the Westboro convent redevelopment – as characterized in the May 25 article “Outcry scuttles Byron Linear road” – is both unfortunate and …

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May 21

WVCA response to email sent by Councillor Hobbs re. withdrawal of support for removing access from Shannon

Dear Councillor Hobbs, The Board of the Wellington Village Community Association would like to correct the misunderstanding of the tone and content of discussion at our May 17 AGM, as characterized by yourself in your below email. On the matter of a proposed southern access for the convent property, our members expressed their concern and …

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May 18

More on the Convent

From the WCA:

May 18

Issue of vehicle access to convent site through Byron Linear Park going back to Planning Committee next week

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