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Board of Directors

fisher park victoria day fireworksBoard of Directors

  • Dave Allston (President)
  • Kimberly Patriquin (Vice-President)
  • Jason Thomson (Secretary)
  • David Lindsay (Treasurer)
  • Jim Provost (Webmaster)
  • Andrew Berube
  • Darcy Gillespie
  • Rebecca Grace
  • Catherine James McGuinty
  • Allan Kagedan
  • Gillian Salmond
  • Katherine Scott
  • Bill Watson
  • Lise Whitewolf
  • Suzanne Woo
  • Ashley Wright

1 comment

  1. Gerard Lavelle

    Most appreciated Jim Provost’s visit to Western Ave & Spencer St last Sat. Good outreach to the community. Bravo! Look forward to many fine things from BoD.

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