Mar 03

Community Environmental Projects Grant Program

Applications for Grants are due June 1, 2015.


From the City of Ottawa:

June 1, 2015 Deadline for the City


  1. Martha PLaine

    There is a stream that runs through Hampton Park that could be a beautiful natural area if it were dredged and cleaned up. Now the water is stagnant – and the water is not free-flowing.

    Would a community project that aims to clean up the stream bed to allow water to flow again be possible under this program?

    Please advise.

    Martha Plaine

  2. the wvca

    Hi Martha:

    We’re obviously not in charge of the program and the final say is with them, but to me it seems like it may be a good fit. I would suggest calling up Jennifer Brown at 613-580-2424 x27914, as she can give you a stronger confirmation.

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